Prof. Colin Galbraith

Professor Colin Galbraith is Director of his environmental consultancy, dealing with a range of environmental issues in Scotland and at the global level. He was until recently the Director of Policy and Advice in Scottish Natural Heritage. In this capacity he was the principal adviser on policy, scientific and technical matters for the organisation for over twelve years. Colin has been involved with the United Nations for a number of years and has made contributions through the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in particular. This work area involves him in high profile nature conservation issues including the conservation of the African Elephant and developing new international agreements to assist the conservation of Albatross, and in reviewing the impact of climate change on the ecology of threatened species. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Scientific Council of the CMS. He has been an Honorary Professor in Conservation Science at the University of Stirling since 2002.